Bail Bond Process
Bail Bonds Process

Bail Bond Process in Amarillo, TX

The bail bond process in Amarillo, and for most areas of Texas, involves a contractual undertaking guaranteed by a licensed, bonded and insured bail bondsman as well as the individual posting bail. The bail agent guarantees to the court that the defendant will appear in court each and every time the judge requires them to.

For this service, the defendant is charged a percentage of the bail amount. Before being bailed out of jail in Amarillo, the defendant, relative or friend of the defendant contacts a bail agent to arrange for posting of bail. Prior to posting of a bail bond, the defendant or a cosigner must guarantee that they will pay the full amount of bail if the defendant does not appear in court.
Bail Bonds Process
Once the bond is set, Dixon Bail Bonds will post a bail for you and you are released. You then must check in with us on a weekly basis and we will inform you of all upcoming court dates. Once all of your charges are complete and the bail bond process has ended, you have no other obligations to Dixon Bail Bonds.

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